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The Big Easy: The Place to Get Your Eat On

BIg easy

Do you like BBQ meat, Lobster , Cocktails and Live Blues?

Follow me into the neon lit wooden clad rustic entrance of Big Easy Bar B Q & Lobstershack…..Hell yeah lets go. The buzz from inside hits you softly but firmly and you may even be lucky enough to walk in to live blues! That is just silk for your ears while you devour your carefully chosen mouth watering feast of fucking awesomeness.

Now I don’t want to give too much away here because i want you to go check it out for yourself. Buts its truly marvellous  inside. Beautifully well mannered staff and a bar that makes the alcohol section of any supermarket look like a understocked domestic fridge. Too many types of whiskies rums and gins to mention, more wines in this joint than  a complaint department. Me, I love a Disaranno sour as a guilty pleasure and I can be picky and fussy in and about town, but these guys make a gooooood one, everytime.

They have a number of menu specials for lunch times and certain days of the week. More than enough options to have you returning several times to try more of the tantalising menu and drink options.

I was lucky enough to spend my recent 33rd birthday there on the Saturday just gone with some close friends and family. Camden IHL was my flavour drink for the majority of the night and at 6.2% and a mild head ache in the morning can highly reccomend it for washing down your treat of a feast.Birthday Boy

For the main event I  jumped in at the deep end with the “Taste O Rama” from the Real Pit-Cooked FRESH Bar.B.Q section. Chicken , ribs and pulled pork with an additional extra side of brisket to ensure my the meat sweats come on heavy, not to mention some utterly lush aged mac an cheese badassery because why not, adding something cheesy to the mix always wins. Obviously I made my way through this meaty defence like walking through some European border control.


Next up ……..the sweats. Ok I have to admit, myself and my comrades were starting to feel somewhat full. So we opted for sharing a couple of cheeky alcoholic ice cream combo desserts and milkshakes that went by the names of Rum and Raisin Ice Cream with El Dorado 12 year old Demerara Rum and Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with Sloe Gin, both with small pipettes with said hard liquour inside so you can choose how weak or strong your desserts are. We made them strong and…they…were….goooood. Not to mention the x-rated shake made with Jack Daniel’s No 7 , Briottett banana , peanut butter and vanilla ice cream…daaaaaaaaamn son.

Yeah yeah I know I’m far to excitable but thats most likely the sugar run off from said night at the Big Easy.

Theres nothing else to say other than go check it out online  and in person. Watch out for the live music nights too which can be found on the main web page near the bottom. From personal experience I can tell you all they are worth tracking down.

Brace for the mother of all food babies.



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