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Nokia to Relaunch 3310 Model


Before the days of world domination by Apple smartphones, the mobile phone market was Nokia’s playground. The small and fairly indestructible mobiles phones like 3210,3310,8310 were all the average teenager needed. The first real sign of independence as a kid was having your own 3210 or 3310 mobile phone, texted your mates and playing Snake.

Well now you can relive that nostalgia with the relaunch of the reliable Nokia 3310. Tipped to be revealed at the Mobile World Congress later this month.Nokia are currently working on muscling their way back into the tech market and along with their plans to release their own versions of android smartphones (including Nokia 3,4, 5 and 6). The relaunch of the new updated Nokia 3310 means  in order to keep up with the current smartphones, Nokia will need some real factors to get it to sell. However, this shouldn’t been seen as to big of a job especially when it is know as the ultimate spare handset.

Some of the key appeals for the handset in comparison to others are:


There has been stories/rumours of this phone being able to restand a bullet and still work when set on fire(unfortunately this knowledge comes from personal experience! ) . Old school Nokias like this are know for how they can within clumsy hands with minimal damage to the handset itself. Also ideal for those who work within active job roles, like tradesmen for example. indestrutable










The cost of an average smart phones ranges in the Hundreds of pounds. The re vamped Nokia 3310 will set you back just £50. Granted, you may not get some of the features that you have come to be dependent on your smartphone (high resolution camera, apps etc) but will you really care if your only paying the maximum cashback limit for a mobile phone?

Battery Life

Having a battery pack or your phone charger carried with you on a regular basis is the smartphone struggle. Nokia 3310 has over 55 hours of battery life in it. Whilst discussing this topic with a friend his response was ‘I could get 48hrs out of it if I didn’t play Snake all day’! Could you really imagine play a game on your smartphone all day and still have battery left?


In its prime the Nokia 3310 sold over 126 million handsets worldwide, so I find it highly unlikely that skinny-jeans and bomber jacket wearing hipsters are going to grab themselves one in order to fit a ‘being retro’ stereotype. However, for those who grew up with one if these phone in their pockets are going to find the relaunch had to resist based on feeling of nostalgia only.


The majority of you aren’t going to trade your smart phone in order to buy an basic reliable phone. However, if you feel like cutting back on the amount of time you use on your smart phone, or your screen of paying to get your Iphone screen fixed, this might be the phone for you. The mobile phone game is about to change, but ironically by using the reliability of the past in order to create a future.



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