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Pioneers of Grime Scoop Awards at NME Awards 2017


After a phenomenal year for UK music, success continues to shine on our artists. There has been no biggest or influential artists than Skepta and Wiley. Both part of the ‘Boy Better Know’ collective which has been around for over ten years and has talent such as Frisco and JME within it. At the NME Awards last night Wiley picked up an awards for ‘Outstanding Contribution To Music’ presented by fellow award (Best British Male)winner Skepta.

When I first heard this news I was surprised,not because I think these awards were undeserved, quite the opposite in fact. It was more to do with the type of award ceremonay it was at. We all know that NME deals with more indie bands, rock and alternative music. We are at a stage in the music scene now where the genre of grime music has become so dominate it has smashed through into the mainstream overtaking the sounds of chart and indie music.


Skepta win for the Mercury Prize and now his most recent one of ‘Best British Male’ at NME Awards shows that even ‘alternative’ music outlets are embracing the sound of grime music. His success of all his accolades  (including MOBOS, Rated Awards and many more) and his Konnichiwa album which peaked at No.2 in the UK Album charts shows that his influence and talent are real

No more so than the hailed Godfather Of Grime. For years Wiley built and shaped the UK scene. Setting up clashes , events, working with thousands of UK artists and developing raw and hungry young talent( one of his biggest evidence of this is his discovery of Chip at just 15years old)

His involvement and indeed creation of the Uk grime scene, as an artist and a producer speaks volume and no one would question his entitlement to this award.imgres-4



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