Power Rangers! First Look at the New Trailer



It’s Morphin Time! As you’ve already guested the new Power Rangers trailer for the upcoming live action adaptation dropped last week and it has literally shut down the internet.


Everybody from young kids to nostalgia seeking adults like me have been salivating at the mouth about a reboot for one of the most popular Saturday morning shows of the 90’s. Within the new trailer there are a few noticeable changes to the franchise which were either being praised or chastised by fans and critics, so I figured that I’d quickly  address them:

Usage of Humour: Elements of goofiness and wisecracks have been met with borderline reception. I like how the trailer tries to build a more playful and less darker tone than the teaser trailer. It also conveys a stronger sense of character depth and comradery amongst our budding rangers in training. The humour makes the rangers more relatable as teenagers and not wooden or sterile. Batman vs Superman definitely suffered from being too contrived and the dark/serious tone let to it being slow and sluggish. I feel that Power Rangers have learned from this mistake and stuck to the original aesthetic of the TV show but added a wider range of depth. I believe that it will be cheesy but grounded at the same time and have a good balance.


Changes to Supporting Characters: Now this is something which I am definitely on the fence about. I must admit that I do like the direction of the new Rita Repulsa. Going from screechy and whiny to a menacing, shrewd and cerebral character makes for a more believable supervillan for the rangers to overcome. The casting of Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as Zordon was a pure stroke of genius. Having him added to the franchise has definitely solidified the movie adaptation. On the big screen I do like how they have updated the chamber to a wall.

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His co signing of the movie, even going as far too say that it is as good as the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ will add more interest for the casual movie goer to watch it. The rebooted Alpha 5 is the only thing I am sceptical about. A much beloved character has gone through a major appearance change. More alien-like with a potbelly, many people are apprehensive about how this will translate to the big screen. With this in mind, I am faithful that comedian heavy weight Bill Hader can do the annoyingly charming side kick the justice he deserves.

CGI/Action Scenes: This is very prevalent within the movie trailer and I must say it does look awesome. The updated look of the Rangers looks more sleek, refined and current in comparison to the TV show. Some may have reservations about the rangers looking more computerized but I believe that it allows the director to do more cooler action sequences in comparison to stunt doubles. Same with the Silly Putties and Goldar, the CGI makes it feel more like a high budget adventure and less cartoony. The Zord punching Goldar was a great crescendo to the trailer and only raised my expectations of the movie. The fighting looks more physical and intimidating as opposed to the show, which will translate more to adults and action movie enthusiasts.

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Overall I am very excited for the release of this movie and cannot wait to relive my childhood on 24th March when it’s released here in the UK. Go Go Power Rangers! 😁



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