Winter Essentials: Shirt Jacket

shirt jacket

 You want to start a business. Want to be your own boss. You need an idea. START WITH CREATING A SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM. In this case, it’s an amazing one. A shirt, that’s also a jacket. Can you imagine trying to expain that to people for the first time. The Shirt Jacket.

Well who ever invented it is a hero in our books. You can really get tired of throwing on the same jacket everyday for the whole duration of winter. In some countries of our readers, that’s most of the year.

Why do I care?

You go through the seasons without getting a chance to really flaunt your style like you would like.

So you make eye contact with a beautifully crafted shirt You think twice about buying it because it’s just going to be hidden under a puffy jacket/coat anyway.

Then as you get closer to it, you see that it’s also slightly puffy and has some weight to it. ‘Did someone put a shirt over a jacket by mistake’ you think to your self.

Nope!!! It’s the wonderful shirt jacket that’s made from a very dense fabric with the same styling as a shirt.

From its name alone, you can figure out why you wont need to wear a jacket/coat all the time during the colder seasons. Some a made so cozy that all you need is a chunky jumper underneath and you are as warm as someone in huge jacket / coat.

So whiles the weather is in the lower ends of the temperature, trust me and go go get yourself one shirt jacket and a second will follow very quickly. It really allows you to expand your winter wear from jacket and coats to a more statement look. Without frosting your nuts off.

A real plus that i cants wait for is when spring comes along and I can just open the buttons and rock a nice t-shit with it.

So a shirt jacket is a win in all situations and I’ve put together a few look inspirations to get you on your way.

winter essential-shirt jacket



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