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What to wear…at a Wedding

This is the first of a new series of articles called “What To Wear” which aims to advice women on what to wear in niche situations. Being in the midst of wedding season, this first one is about what to wear to weddings.

If you are part of the wedding party then it’s simple; the bride will tell you what to wear. Otherwise, weddings have two distinct sections where people have the opportunity to wear their best frocks.

Daytime Section

The daytime outfit will take you through wedding ceremony and then the wedding reception. This is often just for family and close friends and there is a general acceptance of mature, daytime dresses. Think your Sunday church clothes.

Two colours to avoid are white and black. White is for the bride; wear it and you will be remembered for years but probably not favourably. Black, although flattering, gives a somber colour for such a joyful event. You can get away with having either colour if they are mixed with others eg floral designs.

You also don’t what to wear anything too evening. By this I mean low cut, short skirts, sexy straps or tightly fitted dresses. The daytime event is elegant and you don’t want to seem slutty. The important thing to remember is you want to look nice, but not the centre of attention. You also don’t want to try to push in on the bridesmaids so avoid rouched and prom style dresses.

dress     dress                   green dress

Option 1                                                      Option 2                                                  Option 3


flowery dress          red dress            vesper dress

Option 4                                                      Option 5                                            Option 6


Evening Section

Most weddings have a break between the reception and evening and lots of women take advantage to get into their evening outfit. This is when you can change into a going out/clubbing dress and look your best. The lights go down and people often get a bit drunk. Time for the Little Black Dress!

black dress

Little Black Dress


All-in-one Outfit

If there is no break between the reception and evening, or you don’t have anywhere to go and get changed, you need an outfit that will be able to cover both parts of the day.



red dress  grey dress      white dress

Option 1                                Option 2                                            Option 3











Option 4




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