When it’s summer, you make sure you have your shorts, sunglasses, sun lotion, etc. right? Then why would you always moan when its cold like you don’t have time to basically go over all the basics to be prepared for winter? Why?

I have chosen three pieces of essentials that I think can be very versatile and become something close to second nature when winter hits. Of course these aren’t the only things you should start looking at getting. There are so many more options but with these I think you can get away with not having to buy anything else.

Roll Neck Jumper 

Lets get it rolling. The roll neck aka turtleneck is something that your friends might laugh at first sight. Don’t let them discourage you. Its slowly starting to trump the popular cable knit. Especially with being someone who takes extra care when it comes to their style, they have realised there is a cable knit jumper or cardigan in every men’s fashion outlet you can think of.

So going against the grain and getting a roll neck can really set you apart and most importantly for winter keep your neck very warm and cosy. That a clear win for me (but buy a scarf just in case).


This shouldn’t even be on the list because if you don’t have them by now then I don’t know how you survived life for this long. Even for the people who already have a pair of boots. It’s understandable you love your boots, they love you back. However, they are not for everyday wear. You aren’t suppose to wear that one pair throughout the year. Get a second to give your beloved some well deserved rest and fresh air.

Wool Overcoat 

I left this last because it’s the holy grail. Its fast becoming the beacon to all men’s wear this winter. Every style icon you have has about 5 of them in their closet . They wear it, and you just cant keep your eyes of them.

It looks to minimal and subdued, yet it takes all the trophies home. They come in slightly altered styles and colours but mainly stay the same in look. Made of wool, it’s the best thing to keep away the cold, since time began sheep’s were shaved for the benefit of mankind.

With this, there is no “ looking good is painful’ crap quotes about fashion. This bad boy gets you looking good and feeling good. At the same damn time!

So thats that. Would say these are essentials or am I just a lunatic. Lets talk about it in the comments below.



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