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The Yeezy 3 collection rafmag

Kanye released revealed his new album 'The Life of Pablo' you can read the article here. But you clicked on this article because you want to see The Yeezy 3 collection.

Kanye is keeping the media busy, because I couldn’t resist not to talk about this. If you didn’t know, Kanye revealed his new album ‘The Life of Pablo’ you can read the article here. But you clicked on this article because you want to see The Yeezy 3 collection.

The man literally had silk cloth over the whole collection, which one the majority of the Madison Square Garden stage.

There’s one thing that I don’t know why Kanye does this with all his clothing. Almost all of his clothing looks old, washed out and almost  has this dirty style. I mentioned it on other post, his clothing remind me of a post apocalyptic  era…he must be a big fan of the star wars.

Check It out below:

Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-17-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-27-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-26-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-24-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-22-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-21-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-20-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-19-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-18-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-07-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-08-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-09-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-10-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-12-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-13 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-14-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-15-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-16-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-06-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-04 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-03-1200x800 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-02-900x1200 Kanye-West-Yeezy-Season-3-01-1200x800 kanye-west-yeezy-3



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