The Essentials: The Gilet

gilet winter essential

After the little talk we had about Shirt Jackets and the whole low-down on why its something you should consider adding to the very limited winter wardrobe, raf. Magazine has made this a little series. So throughout the cold months, we’ll be talking about essential that would do you some good to add to your wardrobe. This time its the Gilet.

So lets continue with the Gilet. Some call it a Vest, others a body warmer. Yet its still the same thing that has become something of an overuse as its become a trend. Nothing wrong with that, however, if you’re all about setting your self apart, you would have been reluctant until this moment.

This might be a risky statement, but the gilet became a roadmap/ chavy go to during winter. Which leaves everyone else staying away just incase an association is made.

How do you wear the Gilet then? By following these  two simple rules.

1) Stay away from the puffy ones: We are trying to change the perception of the clothing so by doing this, your only other option is the thinner versions which forces you to focus on other areas of your outfit and helps bring out your style thoroughly instead of the Gilet being the main factor. So focus on having it help your outfit, not BE your outfit.

2) Make is a Smart-Casual thing: Of course if you buy it, you can do whatever you want with it and this includes making it a sporty go-to. However, if you want the Gilet to the hero that it was meant to be, take it into the smart-usual world and see how it really sets you apart.

A great look that actually inspired this is the style bloggers on Instagram that have taken the #Gilet to become their new waistcoat. Wearing it under a very formal or even informal suit can do wonders for your look.

Going to work on a casual Friday, drop one of these bad boys under a blazer or cardigan and head to work very cozy and stylish at the same damn time.

winter essential- gilet body warmer

So if your thinking of a Gilet (Body Warmer), just go by these two things and you’ll be sure to have found a friend this winter.

Like always, head to the dedicated place [SPACE] to get some inspiration of the different types of Gilet you can get.



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