Mens Facial Hair Pro’s and Con’s, Tips and Tricks

moustache style

Facial hair styles and acceptance has come and gone over the centuries. And currently in this stage of the big wide world they are here in the masses and very much so, they’re accepted.All colours all shapes and sizes. Even the mighty moustache is flying a flag saying “come twiddle my curls”.


When I first made the conscious decision to stop shaving in order to try to grow some manly like traits I thought it was going to be a case of just hiding the cut throat from myself. But I soon realised a few things. One, your face gets itchy. Two, food has the habits of a magnet when approaching the vicinity of your beard and moustache. Three, not all facial hair templates are the same, nor are they what you expecting or wanting. ( Play to your strengths, if you have a heavy top lip then go with that, embody the Tom Selleck.) But ultimately just be mentally strong, as the hair grows , yes its going to look odd for a while and people will quiz you on your choice to down face tools. But muster on you shall, and one day your going to have what the female species call…..”a bad hair day” and its going to be disheartening.


I was told by Gandalf the white wizard that these days come and your want to shave it all off and go back to looking like a child. But he said , and I quote. “When going through hell…..just keep on not shaving”. Well it was something like that. But basically if you wake up and reach for that shaver because your feeling U G L Y. just put down the weapon and back up, wait 5 days and if your thoughts still scream “remove that face fungus you mouldy egg mayonnaise sandwich” then you can remove it. But usually one you’ve got past that one day your mood will have changed and your remember you’re a man lion. Then proceed to high-five yourself in the mirror, wink then walk away.

Now these furry face additions once acquired are fun, but can be a minefield when it comes to maintaining them.
But one brand takes care of everything for with ease.

Scoop Delux is the name and they’ve been around since the beard came back.
Oil and wax done.
Two different but beautifully smelling waxes that tame the mane and leave you feeling epic. And smelling like a Ck model from Neanderthal times. Combine that with a beard comb or brush and your half way there.
The oil they have on offer is again delivering a scent worthy of the Greek gods.
All in all these guys are the guys that serious bearded guys go to when they’re serious about facial maintenance.

So if you dare to grow the hair on your face there is only one place to head down to, nothing else rhymes so here it is.Let it grow and be natural, play to your strengths and remember no one person is the same so be individual.

Be beautiful and hairy.






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