These boots are made for walking. Which boots you say?

These boots are made for walking is classic song by Nancy Sinatra and was a hit in the mid 60’s. Educational somewhat but she forget to tell us guys what boots it is she’s referring to.
Now I’m talking about smart casual boots, not riding boots or hiking boots or god forbid welly boots or as my australian brothers call them “gum boots”.

Don’t panic about being so far through the winter there is plenty of days in the year to wear a boot believe you me. This is England the sun can go as quick as it comes. Plus the boot is seasonal if you want it to be. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking boots is Dr Martens boots . The classic the old faithful, the ones with the fancy soul. Now to those who have some, they love them, they’d marry them by law if they could. But, to some of you and myself we know not the mythical process of owning a pair. I’ve been told they’re the most comfortable boot you can get. Albeit if you can get through the breaking in process. Which I’m told can be rather slightly uncomfortable. But once the metaphorical shoe buzzer goes ding it’s comfy city here we come. But also they have a particular style to them. So I understand you may shy away from them to perhaps a more typical rugged Timberland boot or of similar sorts.


Recently I found a DM boot with the oh, so soft soul but to my surprise a typical rugged looking brown leather Chelsea style boot. Now I’ve seen them in gloss black but now a nice tan brown, oooo baby.I have them and love them. Happy chap right here, but this is but one style of a particular boot.You could go for a square toe or rounded. Also if your on the shorter side of the vertical tape measure find a boot with a certain particular style of heel that may benefit your height stats. There is also a boot that is for showing off the ankle part with skinny trousers or jeans. I myself will always be about the boot cut jeans and boots hidden up under my boot cut jeans, much like my days working in the Australian outback on horses. Boots under jeans, I’m Not a Shelia! That’s just my style. I’ve been a tradesman my entire life the style runs deep in my veins.

I am how ever turning slightly towards the narrower style boot with the slimmer fitting trouser jeans combo. Either way they both have their uses in day to day life and particular fan bases.

If it’s your first time buying a boot go cheap you may get fed up and bored, but in time your find your individual flavour and then it’s time to make it rain in the retailer of your choice and buy some boots. Keep it simple and go with your first choice. If you like a square toe get a square if your leaning towards a round toe go round.

Don’t conform to fashion icons , merely use them as a guide and bend it to suit yourself.

Wow look at us we’re setting our own trends already and not realising.
No go forth and find your new style in the land of boots, remember don’t be the old lady that lived in a shoe. Be the man who wore the shoe…….Boot….. (cultural differences and all that.)images-5

Below will take you straight to the source for those who want to see what I’m banging on about.And here is a classic ebay find for you. But just search till something stands out for you, for your personality and individual style. Thanks to the internet you can find absolutely any style you can imagine






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