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Nokia to Relaunch 3310 Model

Before the days of world domination by Apple smartphones, the mobile phone market was Nokia’s playground. The small and fairly indestructible mobiles phones like 3210,3310,8310 were all the average teenager needed. The first real sign of independence as a…

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Has Netflix changed how we use TV Providers?

The introduction of catch-up TV and technology such as Netflix and Lovefilm has changed how we use our TV providers. 5 years ago, I had a pretty full Virgin Media package allowing me to have TiVo’s pause TV and…

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Apple abandons headphones for Airpods

In a controversial move, Apple has unveiled their new iPhone 7. It’s new, it’s shiny….and it’s without a 3.5mm headphone socket.     Headphones and the 3.5mm socket have been used since 1878 and, whilst it is old technology, it…

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Whatsapp Updates Privacy Policy

Whatsapp has announced that it will be changing their privacy policy for the first time since they were taken over by Facebook in 2014. Personally, I am not excited for this update, I’m  rarely a fan of updates in…

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Hoverboards: Because walking is Overrated

Hoverboards. Segways. Segboards. Airboards. Whatever you want to call them, the new handle-less scooters are the talk of the town. There is a mixed view of people both loving them but thinking they’re extremely nerdy but with the increase of celebrities, such as Justin Bieber…

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Sleep well with Twilight

It’s common knowledge that due to technology, people are living faster paced lives with information being available 24/7. The last thing most people see before they go to sleep and the first thing they wake up to is their…


Secret Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO) is an advanced Desktop Integration tool that many businesses are investing £10,000s to make technology more user-friendly for their employees. However, over the last few months SSO has been introduced across most Internet platforms without people…

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Social Media changes lives for Lock-In Syndrome

Locked-In Syndrome. This is a horrific medical state where the body is physically paralysed but the consciousness remains. This means that the patient can see everything but cannot participate. They can hear everything but they cannot reply back to you. They can…


The Couple’s Alarm Clock Argument

You stop over at your partner’s house. You have work the next day and need to set your alarm clock. And the argument starts… I am an early morning snoozer. Using my phone, I like to set my alarm clock between 5:30…



It seems like humans are trying really really hard at this point in history to make this hoverboard thing happen. We are such lazy beings that any technology that will reduce our work load is the way to go.…