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Mens Facial Hair Pro’s and Con’s, Tips and Tricks

Facial hair styles and acceptance has come and gone over the centuries. And currently in this stage of the big wide world they are here in the masses and very much so, they’re accepted.All colours all shapes and sizes.…

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The Winter Saver: Sukin Treatment Oil

My dry, drab winter skin has been crying out for a Yuletide miracle and the Australian natural skincare brand, Sukin has come to my rescue and yours! Priced at £16.95 and lasting a gob smacking 8 weeks, their 25ml…

glossy box

GlossyBox October Review

This month beauty and lifestyle blogger Estée Lalonde chose the products in this month’s discovery edit. Estée chose some of her favourite products to feature in this box and included a mystery hair care product which she revealed last week. …

New Future

Autumn’s Hot selections

It’s coming into Autumn now. You can feel it in the air. The darkness creeping it’s way into the day and stealing the sun away from us. But, nature is a force that cannot be controlled, whereas style and…


Helping for Healthy: Nails

I used to have lovely nails that grew very quickly and were strong. Now I don’t. Generally nails are a sign of how healthy you are; when your health declines your nails will too. Obvious things such as a good high…

soap and glory gloves

Helping for Healthy: Skin

As I’ve got older I’ve realised lots of work is needed to keep my skin looking respectable. Whilst I don’t do this every day, I now have an intensive regime that works well.   Firstly, you need to exfoliate to…


Glossybox July Review

There are so many beauty box subscriptions available now and I know from experience that if you are thinking about subscribing it is super hard to pick a box as you want to make sure you will enjoy the…


Denim stands the test of time

Denim was first sold in 1873 and 143 years  later it is still going strong. Originally it was used by cowboys and working men who needed hardy materials to withstand the work the men did. Levi has a large range of denim…